What is FSC?

FSC digital share is 100% actual shares directly issued by Fusang Corp on the Ethereum blockchain.

FSC digital share (aka security token) is a security which issuance has been fully approved by the Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA), a subsidiary of the Malaysian Ministry of Finance. 
FSC digital share is 100% equity, not ICO! It is directly tied to Class A Shares of Fusang Corp, and represents the contractual relationship that tie to the right/revenue stream/assets of the company. 
Fusang Corp has two classes of shares: (a) Class A Shares and (b) Ordinary Shares. They both share the same rights to economic interest and distributions of Fusang Corp except for voting rights. Class A Shares are non-voting shares.
If you would like to know further,  please fill in the FSC interest form in order to receive the details of corporate incorporation documents shown from p.132 onwards of <Offering Document>.