• Lower flotation cost than a traditional IPO - reducing the operational costs that traditionally derived public offerings, thanks to Blockchain and smart contracts
  • Exposure to a larger investor base – now able to serve flexible deal size and nimble deal structure that was previously infeasible to certain demographics of investors
  • Ability to issue fractionally ownership – which traditionally was unattainable thus neglected due to operational cost-efficiency 

For investors specifically, there are three notable benefits:

  • Lower investment threshold
  • Immutable proof of ownership and rights
  • Investment opportunities to the new asset class

For both issuers and investors, Digital Securities offer:

  • Speedier settlement - no more “T+2”
  • 24/7 market and liquidity - no more market opening or closing bell
  • Globalised market – Digital Securities can be accessed via the internet, despite subject to jurisdictional restrictions
  • Growing automated features include audit transparency, information immutability and automated compliance