What is the current issuance pipeline?

Since our public launch in March 2020, FUSANG has listed two digital securities (aka security tokens) – SPiCE VC and Protos Asset Management.

FUSANG Corp (FSC) issued its own digital shares and plans to launch an IPO in 2021. We are currently gathering business momentum to list FSC at a better valuation to maximize shareholders’ returns.

Besides FUSANG receives a healthy flow of issuers looking to list on the exchange :

  • A digital bank in Malaysia – Target to raise USD 20 million through an IPO on FUSANG Exchange
  • A digital assets company – A 3-year old setup in progress of fund raising over USD 100 million
  • A microfinance lending platform in India – A 2-year old fast-growing business looking to issue EUR 5 million bond to refinance loan books
  • A LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) business in Asia – Already raised USD 40 million and conducting tokenization exercise
  • An alternative asset fund in whisky investment – Target to raise USD 20 million, with a few million USD seed fund already raised
  • An InsurTech company in Malaysia
  • An automobile collectable company in Europe
  • A real estate fund in the US
  • A real estate fund in Europe
  • A commercial property fund in the US