Issuance and Listing Fees Structure

Digital Securities Issuance and Listing Fee Structure


Item Service Type Details

Core Services

1. Digital Securities Issuance


2. Digital Securities Listing

Add-on Services

3. Custody and Trust

1. Digital Assets Custody
2. Traditional Assets Custody
3. Trustee Services

4. Investor Servicing

1. Ongoing Investor Servicing (client onboarding, KYC, AML and CTF)
2. Subscription and Banking

5. Marketing and Distribution

1. Media content and marketing support
2. Online Fusang Investor Subscription Portal
3. Offline distribution channel through the one-stop access to Fusang Exchange Members and Network Members

6. Documentation and Professional Services

1. Legal Documentation and Templates
2. Professional Party Introduction

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2. (IMPORTANT) Fusang DOES NOT distribute nor deal in any securities for any issuance during a primary offering