To deposit USD, use the following steps:

Step 1:

Please use the following template to email your bank information to

Subject: Fiat Trading Deposit 
Full name: [Please fill in your full name as per passport]
Deposit Amount: [Please fill in your USD amount] 
Bank Name:[Please fill in your Bank Name]
Country of Bank: [Please fill in the country of Bank]

Step 2:

Provide the following Fusang account details to your bank with the desired amount to deposit:

Bank Name

Signature Bank

Account Name

Fusang Exchange Ltd

Account Number


Account Address

Level 7(A) Main Office Tower Financial Park Labuan Complex Jalan Merdeka, Malaysia 87000

Contact Number

+60 8758 3322

Bank Address

565 Fifth Avenue New York NY 10017



ABA Swift/Bank Number/Fedwire Number


Company Registration Number


Notes or remarks

[Please fill in your full name as per passport]

Deposits are updated to your Fusang Exchange account, subject to sighting and confirmation of funds.