How long does it take to affect a client change request?

    Any client who initiates a change request to the wallet information or policy changes etc. will be subject to the Fusang Vault “VCA Process”. 

    “VCA” is an abbreviation of the Verifier-Checker-Approver process. 

    We have three teams that are held responsible for each stage to ensure that the changes are valid and accurate from the owner of these wallets.  Hence the time taken for any of the requests will be subject to the time taken for the teams to carry out their processes and checks. 

    Typical requests that are straight forward in nature such as creating a wallet from the templates will take up to 5-10 mins. 

    Other more complex requests such as complex policy changes such as policy changes could take up to 10-15 mins. 

    Invitations of a new user to the platform will be subject to the standard onboarding process through FDI of less than a week based on the completeness of the submitted documents. 

    Conclusively Fusang will process your requests with top priority and in the most compliance means necessary.