How long does it take for an issuer to onboard and be listed on FUSANG Exchange?

Public issuance usually takes 3 to 6 months, if an issuer has the necessary legal documentation and the applicable corporate structure set-up.  It is also subject to the nature of the issuer's business and the financial instrument. 

      • If the issuer is not incorporated in Labuan, it requires LFSA's approval to issue on FUSANG Platform. LFSA's approval takes 2-4 months.
        • Upon LFSA approval, FUSANG team will goes through the listing review process (onboarding, due diligence check, listing report preparation for listing committee etc). It usually requires 1-2 months to complete the review.

    Private issuance takes usually 2 to 3 months. It takes shorter time than public issuance because no approval is required from LFSA, only a written notification along with the information memorandum or other offering document.