What is Fusang's business roadmap?

During its Pre-IPO, Fusang is meeting key objectives to increase its valuation for IPO.

With a fully operational platform, all funds raised in the pre-IPO round is used to scale the business in preparation for the impending IPO on Fusang Exchange, targeted in 2021.
The three business dimensions to scale include:

1. Userbase
  • Fusang is uniquely authorised to deal with both retail & institutional investors.
  • Fusang will continue to onboard more users through its Fusang Digital Identity system that performs KYC/AML for users all across the world.
  • Fusang's referral program attracts users via unique rewards for signing up as a user by issuing FSC shares - the same shares issued during the fundraising.
  • Fusang will offer benefits to the platform for owning FSC shares, such as reduced trading fees, and special access to new issuances, further driving demand for FSC shares.
2. Ecosystem & Exchange Members
  • Fusang will leverage its 35 years of institutional experience to build an ecosystem of Exchange Members that will sponsor listings, and act as trading agents, brokers, and fundraising partners.
  • Fusang has already onboarded 10 Members, with another 10 in the approval process.
  • Fusang can integrate into brokers’ existing order management systems, meaning that traditional banks & brokers can trade securities listed on the Fusang Exchange without having to modify the systems they already use.
3. Issuers
  • Fusang has already completed the digitisation of FSC shares, which represents the first time in Asia that real shares have been digitised directly.
  • Fusang already has an Asian digital bank committed to listing its full IPO on the Fusang Exchange
  • Fusang is working to list a number of existing STOs, including those issued on our partner Securitize’s platform. As the only operational platform in Asia that can support the retail trading of STOs, we are seeing a lot of STOs looking to migrate to our platform as other STO platforms shut down.