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Why did Fusang choose Labuan IBFC as a jurisdiction?

Compliant with international best standards and practices, Labuan IBFC, Malaysia provides a comprehensive legal framework that welcomes digital transformation and blockchain innovation.

Fusang has chosen to be regulated in Labuan IBFC for the following key advantages:
One of Labuan IBFC's key objectives is to market, develop and grow the digital ecosystem and facilitate Asia's digital revolution. Hence innovation is at the core of how they look at policies and structures.
Today they have 44 licence holders in the digital space (digital fund managers, digital stock exchanges, crypto exchanges, token issuance entities) from all over Asia and Europe.
Labuan IBFC is also a member of all FinTech and Blockchain Associations in Asia.
Malaysia is a member of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) since February 2016. FUSANG, under the regulatory oversight by Labuan IBFC, upholds the same standard as the 39 FATF members, including the European Commission, the United States and Hong Kong.
Labuan IBFC has a comprehensive, modern and globally recognised regulatory framework regulated by Labuan Financial Services Authority (Labuan FSA). The jurisdiction's adherence to international standards and best practices in financial services and prudential supervision, including protocols on anti-money laundering and exchange of information and regulatory requirements.
Labuan IBFC presents a comprehensive mid-shore solution striking the ideal balance between client confidentiality and compliance. Whilst they comply with international best standards and practices, they have a facilitative regime allowing for a one-stop regulator, tax neutrality and currency neutrality.
Watch our interview with Labuan IBFC's CEO, Farah Jaafar-Crossby, to find out more about Labuan IBFC here.