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What Issuer services does Fusang Exchange offer?

Fusang Exchange provides a fully integrated solution to help directly match Issuers & Investors.

Our supporting services including:
  • Issuer onboarding: Helps issuer to find the sponsor or lead underwriter to issue the asset on Fusang Exchange.
  • Deal structuring: Helps structure deal by engaging relevant parties (law firms, custodians, etc.)
  • Market testing: Helps test market interest by marketing the asset before the public issuance.
  • Token issuance: Goes through asset clearance and price discovery, and issue to the public market.
  • Trade settlement: Facilitates market infrastructure, as as depositories and transfer agencies, support settlement. 
  • Investor KYC: Handles investor KYC/AML onboarding, collection of subscription funds (in both fiat/crypto), and issuance of securities through the FUSANG platform.