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What are the Fusang Exchange listing fees?


Fusang Exchange listing fees:

Issuer Fees Fee Charged Description






  • Main Board (Public) Listing: USD 1,000 per month
  • Private Listing: USD 500 per month
Main Board listings are available to all investors, including Retail.
Private Market listings are available only to Sophisticated Investors.
These fees cover the administration of a token, due diligence, and technology services.
Issuance Subject to a minimum fee of USD 5,000 per month and a maximum fee of USD 25,000 per month

This fee includes the end to end process to securitise and issue an asset in tokenised format that is regulated and compliant.

With a wallet management solution and world class KYC platform, all token movement is managed seamlessly on the blockchain.

Subscription 1% of funds raised through FUSANG Exchange Fee charged when Fusang handles investor KYC/AML onboarding, collection of subscription funds (in both fiat/crypto), and issuance of securities through FUSANG Exchange.


Optional services and fees. All professional services are managed by trusted partners of FUSANG.

External Provider Fees Fee Charged Description
  • Main Board (Public) Listing: From USD 70,000
  • Private Listing: From USD 50,000
This fee includes advice on legal structuring, due diligence, preparation of prospectus, and support in the listing registration.
Listing Sponsor
  • Main Board (Public) Listing: From USD 80,000
  • Private Listing: Not applicable
This fee includes financial advisory services and support, due diligence, and overall advice on listing and marketing activities.
This listing sponsor is responsible for the submission of the prospectus to both regulators & the FUSANG Exchange.
Marketing As charged by external providers FUSANG can make introductions to marketing partners: including PR, community engagement, and investment research partners.
Fund Services & Administration
  • Closed-ended Fund: From USD 20,000 pa
  • Open-ended Fund: 8bp/year (min USD 24,000 pa)
For funds: this fee includes fund formation, administration, investor relations, custody and trustee services for both closed and open-ended funds.


Rebates are offered to issuers to help offset listing and issuance fees.

Rewards 5% if trading fee revenues generated from the listing, paid in FSC shares An earned reward for issuers who help generate trading activity in their listing.