What are the difference between Frozen, Secure and Flash wallet?

    By default, each client will have 2 flash wallets (Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet) and 1 fiat wallet.
    If you want to create additional wallets, you can choose from 3 different wallet templates. See below their standard default features (you can customise them after the wallet creation request has been approved):

    Frozen wallet

    Secure wallet

    Flash wallet

    Clients must whitelist the receiving wallet addresses before they can transfer funds.
      No restriction to transfer funds to any wallet address. 
      • Store only 1 whitelisted wallet address
      • Limit of 1 transaction per day (From 9am HKT to 6pm HKT)
      • Transaction volume cap: up to 50% of the wallet balance.
      • Store up to 5 whitelisted wallet addresses.
      • Limit of 10 transactions per day (from 00am HKT to 11:59pm HKT)
      • Minimum of 5 minutes interval between each transaction
      • No transaction volume cap

      • Unlimited number of transactions throughout the day.
      • No transaction volume cap