The following common reported issues when submitting an identification document in Fusang's Digital Identity platform.
Error Type Reason  Fix
Invalid document type

We do not accept forms of I.D. such as a drivers license or work identification cards.


Use a valid passport or national identity card.

Note: When submitting Proof of Address, the name used should match the submitted ID.

Bad image upload

Data cannot be recognized because the image is blurred, incomplete, damaged, low quality, or missing important information on the backside of the ID.

Make sure the captured image of your document is not blurry and contains all the important information related to your identity.

The document is a copy A photocopy/PDF was used which caused an error.  Make sure you capture the original I.D.
Your face is not matching the photo in the document

Our system uses facial recognition technology to match the selfie photo you take with your identification document. If it's not a close match, an error will occur. 

Retake a selfie to match the photo in your I.D.

Expired document

The identification document is nearing expiry or already expired

Upload a passport or national ID with at least 3 months validity. 

The document does not contain Latin characters Our system does not recognize I.Ds that uses non-English/Latin characters. Upload an I.D. with  English/Latin characters.