How do I make a fiat deposit?

  • Input your Client ID in your bank’s message/remarks field (Your bank may have character limitations please accurately enter as much of the Client ID as you can).
  • Failure to provide your Client ID when instructing the bank transfer will risk your funds not being credited to your account.
  • Fusang does not charge any wire transfer fees on clients. You may incur fees from the sending bank. Please check with your bank on the actual amount charged to ensure the transferred amount cover the fees.
  • FUSANG does NOT accept any deposits and withdrawals from/to ALL Mainland China ONSHORE financial institutions.
  • FUSANG does NOT accept third party transfer transactions other than from the account holder.
  • FUSANG may conduct additional due diligence in accordance to its regulatory obligations.

Please read the following bank transfer instruction to deposit U.S. dollars (USD) to your Fusang account. 

   Beneficiary Bank Name
   Signature Bank
     Beneficiary Name
   Fusang Exchange Ltd
     Business Registration Number
   LL 15250
     Account Number
     Beneficiary Address
 Level 7(A), Main Office Tower Financial Park Labuan Complex Jalan Merdeka, Labuan F.T. 87000, Malaysia
     Beneficiary Contact Number
   (+60) 8758 3322
     Beneficiary Bank Address
   565 Fifth Avenue New York NY 10017
     Routing/ Fedwire Number 
     Notes or remarks
   Fill in your Client ID
Once we receive the fund, you will receive an email notification and you will see the transfer amount reflected in the Portfolio tab under the Trading balance column.
Alternatively you can retrieve our bank account details by clicking on the Deposit tab of the navigation bar (1), and select ''USD''  in the Asset dropdown menu (2).