How do I make a cryptocurrency deposit?

All transfers follow an internal policy that ensures your assets remain compliant with regulation and secured. 
If you want to deposit cryptocurrencies from an external wallet, you need to transfer it to your Fusang Custody first, only then you can transfer them to the Exchange for trading.
To do so, please follow below instructions:

STEP 1:  Transfer cryptocurrencies from external wallet* 

There are two ways of retrieving your wallet address to transfer crypto from an external wallet:

  1. Copy your selected wallet address from the Portfolio tab 

  2. Alternatively, you can copy you wallet address from the Deposit  tab (1)

Select the cryptocurrency that you would like to deposit in the Asset dropdown menu (2)
Copy the wallet address and paste it to your external wallet to proceed to the transfer (3).

Once the transaction is confirmed by the Blockchain, you will see the transfer amount reflected in the Portfolio tab under the Custody balance column.


*The transfer will incur a network fee which is charged by the Blockchain. Please ensure your external wallet has sufficient fund to bear the fee before the transfer, if not the transfer will be rejected.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any external wallet addresses sending incoming transactions directly to the Exchange wallet are strictly prohibited and are subject to inspection.

STEP 2:   Transfer cryptocurrencies from Fusang Custody to Exchange for trading

  • In the Portfolio tab (1), select the cryptocurrencies you want to transfer then select ''Move to trading'' (2)
  • Input the desired transfer amount (3)*. The transfer will incur a network fee which is charged by the Blockchain (4). 
  • Click on the ''Submit transfer'' button (5)
  • Input the 2FA code and confirm the transfer.
  • The transfer will be reflected under the Trading Balance column in your Portfolio and in the Exchange.