How do I customise wallet policy?

When creating a new wallet, you have the possibility of choosing from 3 different standard wallet templates: frozen, secure and flash. After Fusang has approved your wallet creation request, you can customise the level of control and flexibility of the wallet by configuring the wallet policy.
In order to do so, click on ''Custody'', where you will have a view of all your wallets. Select the wallet you want to configure, a pop up window will open:
  • Click the Policy tab (1) on the very right side, then Edit (2)
  • (3) Edit transaction hours limit: Select your time zone and the permissible start /end time of transaction for initiation and execution.
  • (4) Edit wallet address: Set the maximum number of wallet address you can whitelist and assign nickname to the whitelisted wallet (optional).
  • (5) Edit transaction volume cap: Set the maximum % of the wallet balance that can be transacted out  

    You can adjust the interval times (in minutes) between each transaction according to your preferences by editing the ''Transaction unit of measurement''. (eg: if you set the transaction unit of measurement as 60min, you will be able to initiate another transaction 1 hour after the last transaction).

  • (6) Edit Frequency cap:  Set the Maximum permissible number of transactions per day. 

  • (7) Minimum Balance: This item indicates the minimum amount (in % of the wallet balance) to maintain in the wallet. This item is subject to Fusang and is not editable. 

  • (8) Billing: This item indicates the holding fees charged by Fusang. This item is subject to Fusang and is not editable.