How do I create an additional wallet?

Access your Fusang wallet by clicking on the Custody Tab in your Fusang account.
  • (1) Click on ''Create Wallet'', the orange button in the top right corner
  • (2) Select any of the "Wallet Template" that you would like to create: frozen, secure or flash. Learn more about the wallet types here.
  • (3) Input the wallet information.
  • (4) Add the relevant Users to the wallet by assigning them to a wallet role, Signer or Viewer. Learn more about the wallet roles here.
    Important note: The number of added users must match the number of users you input under "Wallet Information".
  • (5) Submit your request.
  • You will see the new wallet after Fusang has approved your request.



Must add user according to the number of user which assigned under "Wallet Information".