How do I change user roles within a Corporate account?

You can downgrade or upgrade your role on an account level and on a wallet level.

Changes for account roles  (Super User/ User)

Only Super Users can change account roles. In order to do so, follow below instructions:

  • In Custody (1), click on ''Users'' icon in the right vertical bar (2), where you can view all the onboarded users of your account, and edit their role (3)
  • After selecting a specific user, upgrade to Superuser or downgrade to User by ticking or unticking the ''Super User'' checkbox (4)
  • Click the confirm button and input the 2FA codes to assign the role (5).


Changes for wallet roles (Signer and Viewer)

Only Super users can change wallet roles. In order to do so:

  • In Custody (1), click on ''Assets'' (2) the first icon in the right vertical bar, where you have a view of all your different wallets (3)
  • Select the wallet you would like to edit the governance (3), click on the ''Wallet Settings'' tab of the pop up window (4) and ''Edit'' (5).
  • In the same pop up window, upgrade your selected user to Signer or downgrade to Viewer(6)
  • Click on the Update button (7) and input the 2FA code to assign the role.
  • The request will be sent through for approval. Our team may reach out to you to confirm the change request.