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How do I change my account information?

In order to change your Fusang account information, please follow below steps:
  • Login to your Fusang Account. Click on the ''Identity'' tab of the navigation bar and "Edit" button.
  • To update your profile details and Identity Document (1):
    click on ''Identity verification'' and upload your new ID
  •  To update your residential address (2):
    click on ''Residential Proof Address'' and upload your new document
  • To update your contact number (3):
    click on ''Declaration tab'' and input your new number
  • To change your email address or add an alternative email (4):
    click on the avatar icon on the top right corner of your Fusang account and ''View your profile''. You will then be able to add another email address and set it as Primary email. You will be required to click on the verification link sent to your newly added email address.