How does Fusang protect user funds and securities holdings?

User funds and securities holdings are securely safeguarded in the FUSANG Vault, which is an institutional-grade digital asset custodian providing asset services through our proprietary platform ( Licensed in Hong Kong to act as trustee and custodian of digital assets and securities).
Engineered with advanced security technology and customised workflow controls, Fusang Vault is built to adapt to evolving blockchain technology and offer an unparalleled customer experience.  From the security protocols to our compliance and governance direction, Fusang Vault was designed to support the four key values: 
1. Safety
      • Proprietary technology
      • Multi-factor Authentication
      • US intelligence agency adopted technology
      • Designed to eliminate the “human” factor – minimising human error

2. Assurance

      • Safeguarding digital assets using a 3-layer security control system
      • Policy-Driven: Multi-signatory access and permission levels
      • Third-party oversight
      • Code audit
      • Governance

3. Flexibility: Facilitating seamless transactions 24/7 with customised policy settings for each wallet

4. Expertise: Leveraging on 30+ years’ experience