What is Fusang Group's main business model and roadmap?

Fusang's business is comprised of: (1) Fusang Exchange; (2) Fusang Vault; and (3) Fusang Digital Identity–delivering a seamless experience for both issuers and investors. 

Our strategy is focused on:
1) B2C Direct Market Access (DMA) by all investors worldwide, including retail investors.
2) Democratising access to all assets that were previously deemed inaccessible.
3) Providing transparent fees lower than any investment platform (for both investors and issuers).
4) Allowing crypto investors to trade seamlessly in/out of securities.
Fusang has already completed the initial Phase 1 Build and is now working on Phase 2 Scale, expanding our service offering across different products, customers, and channels to drive our future scaling efforts. We are actively identifying ways to scale up our business. For example, we have discussed with new Issuers to be listed on Fusang Exchange to expand our products. 
Over the years, we have achieved a series of key milestones across different areas:
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